Relationships Matter

  • Engage wherever you are, whenever you want.
  • Easily manage your availability.
  • Complete view of health and wellness history.


Real time scheduling

  • You set your hours, your availability and your parameters.
  • Patients schedule based on real-time visibility.
  • View Practice Schedule by Day, Week or Month.


Omnichannel Communication

  • Allow patients to communicate when, where and how they want with Voice, Video, and Chat.
  • Mobile Application, branded for your practice.
  • All in a secure and HIPAA compliant platform.



  • Simplified health record that captures the necessary elements to document encounter the encounter - allowing for continuity and updates.
  • Integrates to EHR platforms.
  • Flexible to adapt to your workflow and to treat your patients the way you want.


Meet our partners

What is neoteric health?

Neoteric Health is the future of connected health. A cloud based tightly integrated solution comprising Omnichannel Telemedicine, Scheduling and Documenting. Neoteric enables frictionless experience for both Patient and Physician.

It empowers people to be the center of their own wellness. It enables the next radical shift - Rehumanizing Healthcare by increasing access, intimacy and improving outcomes.

Neoteric Health

Patient Focused

By returning the healthcare focus back on the patient, both patient and provider reap the benefits.

Increased Access

Mobile app to connect the clinical professional and patient at the touch of a button for services when and where it's needed.

Alternative Model

Supports DPC and Concierge practices as well as traditional payment models that wish to provide an enhanced level of patient service.

Seamless Integration

Ability to connect relevant patient data into a single platform serving both the patient and healthcare provider.

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